Tangled Bonds Duet

Untamed - Tangled Bonds Duet - Book One Cover

The tower was my prison. My mother, its guard. Until now . . . 
Imprisoned for five years. I was consumed by loneliness and regret.
Without my wolf. Without family. Without hope.
Just as I thought I’d lost my mind, someone set me free. Someone I never thought I’d see again.
Freedom should’ve tasted sweet, but five years of constrained heats simmered beneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed. And the men I’d surrounded myself with proved to be a delicious temptation. Their beasts called to mine, and my wolf longed to call back. But invisible bonds restrained her, leaving me unsure of whether it was all in my head or a curse left over from the tower.
Yet my trapped wolf was the least of our concerns. Monsters lurked in the forest, hunting our kind. Hunting me.
Running would only do so much. We needed a sanctuary. We needed Caladah.
Despite the danger threatening us, I yearned for the love these men offered.
Am I worthy of this family, or am I truly the untamed monster that should’ve remained captive?


DISSENT Charity anthology cover

>Prequel exclusive to the DISSENT Charity Anthology<

For National Read a Book day on 𝐒𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝐭𝐡, DISSENT will be released in eBook and three paperback volumes!

DISSENT is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never before published content from over 150 authors of various romance subgenres. All proceeds from the eBook and paperbacks will be donated to organizations benefiting reproductive rights in the United States, particularly in areas where people need them more than ever.

Unworthy - A Tangled Bonds Duet Prequel

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My soul is an open wound etched with scars.
I’ve kept my shattered heart locked away since they took my parents. Closed even to my mate. I had no other choice. How could I let him see the jagged parts of my soul when I can barely hold the pieces together? William deserves better than a broken wolf, but longing for the mate I’m unworthy of is the least of my worries. Danger lurks in the forest. The monsters of my past draw near, and they’re threatening everything I cherish. Will I have the strength and courage to protect what’s mine?
Or is history doomed to repeat itself?