Phoenix Reborn Trilogy

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🔥Fantasy 🔥Slow burn 🔥Reverse Harem 🔥Phoenix shifter 🔥Sarcastic horse 🔥Gods 🔥Secrets and Twists 🔥M/M 🔥Multiple POV

Echoes of the Past - Phoenix Reborn Trilogy Book one cover

A Phoenix, a sarcastic horse, and a farmer walk into a barn…
Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but my life is far from humorous.
Centuries have passed since my creation and I have lived hundreds of lives. Each one a constant reminder of the sadistic monster who hunts me and fuels my nightmares.
It seems that when the gods are involved my life will never be easy, especially when I’m entangled with secrets that span across centuries and realms.
After yet another painful death, I regenerate again. But this time I find allies in the sarcastic stallion Shadowbolt and handsome farmer Killian.
When my past catches up with me and I am once again confronted by the monster who wants me dead, will I be able to protect those I have grown to love? Or will he destroy us all?
Truths will be revealed and love may be found…but can it thrive when the monster has me in his sights?

I can no longer run from my past.
I have hidden in the shadows for centuries. Too scared to defend myself for fear of what might happen.
No more.
My past needs to be put to rest if I am to have a future, no matter how much it hurts.
For the first time in years I have somewhere I want to call home, and with Galen and Killian by my side I know I’m ready to face anything that comes my way. 
Yet so many unanswered questions linger in the back of my mind, and the need to run and protect myself from both new and forgotten feelings can’t be easily ignored. 
Secrets are revealed and I’m left reeling, my heart and mind in turmoil. What do I do when I realise everything I thought I knew was a lie?
It’s only a matter of time before the sadistic god returns, and I can’t risk losing what has taken me centuries to find. Sooner or later I will have to face him once again.
All I know is that the end is coming for one of us, and next time I don’t intend it to be me.

Whispers of Tomorrow - Phoenix Reborn Trilogy Book two cover
Voices of the Immortals - Phoenix Reborn Trilogy Book three cover

Everything I thought I knew is a lie.
Taken from those I love. Forced into a cage.
My choice was stolen, but nothing will destroy my hope.
Not when I have my men to fight for.
The secrets in the dark call to me. Whispering the truths I seek to free myself.
But when nothing is as it seems, what can I trust to be real?
No matter what I will reunite with my men. I will not be defeated. 
And if I burn, then I will make sure my enemies burn with me.