Hi everyone!

I’m Raven James, a British romance author focusing on fantasy, paranormal, and reverse harem stories. I love to write stories that feature strong men and even stronger women, searching for their happily ever afters.

If you found me here it’s either because you stumbled upon me by accident or you were actively searching for me. Either way, welcome and I hope you want to stick around.

As for me when I’m not writing I will often find ways to drive my husband and son insane with my weirdness (don’t worry they give as good as they get). I also love reading, drawing, graphic design, tea (obviously), and I buy more stationary than I will ever use.

My first series – Phoenix Reborn Trilogy is available now from Amazon in eBook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited.
I’m currently working on various projects, most of which are fantasy, but there may be some contemporary stories at a later date.​

If I haven’t scared you away and you want to keep up to date with my crazy and my stories, you can subscribe to my newsletter – Here or you can stalk me in my Facebook readers group – Raven’s Risque Readers